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Welcome to our Home Learning Class Blog Zone. 

Edgebury School Class Blogs – User Guide


What are the blogs for?

Our class blogs are for us to share our learning and news whilst we can’t be together at school. They are a place for us to say hello to our friends and to see what everyone has been doing. They are a really important tool for keeping in touch with our friends and teachers. We can ask questions about our learning and interact with our teachers until we can go back to school.


Who should use the blogs?

Everyone! It would be really good to see as many members of each class on the blog pages as possible. You can access the blog by on the links below. You can then select the link for your year group blog and use the same password as you did when you accessed your class blog last term.


What should we post?

You are doing a great job with your home learning and the blog is for you to share anything that you have been learning, no matter how big or small along with photos and news about what you’ve been up to. The blogs are to celebrate our classes and the fantastic effort you are making to continue your learning in these tricky circumstances. They are also a great way to stay in touch.

Posts could include:

  • Photos of work completed
  • Photos of artwork or models you have made
  • Photos of Science investigations
  • Photos of you completing online learning
  • Photos of other activities that you would like to share – games in the garden, jigsaws, pets, things you have seen on your walks, baking, lego models, things you are proud of or would like to share etc.
  • Questions for your teacher about your learning
  • Posts saying hello to your class or telling them something you have been doing.
  • Positive comments/responses under other people’s posts: You must not say anything negative or unkind on the blogs.


What shouldn’t be put on the blogs?

  • Negative comments about anyone else or something someone else has posted.
  • Private conversations between you and your friends. Everyone can see the blog page. Your teacher/TA look at the blogs daily and Mrs Box, Ms D’Arcy and Mrs Pester check the blogs regularly.
  • Questions about the running of the school – these must be addressed via the school office
  • Comments that are not about learning or any of the acceptable posts mentioned above.
  • Adverts for YouTube channels or links to video games.
  • Inappropriate language or personal comments about others.


What will our teachers do?

From the 1st of June some staff at Edgebury will be working at school supporting the groups of children we are able to accommodate at this time. Other staff will be completing work at home. Your blog will be managed by a member of staff and looked at by your class teacher everyday. Due to some teachers being in school, comments/approval of posts on your blog may come from another member of staff. 

Staff will:

  • Approve all posts within 24hrs
  • Comment on all learning related posts
  • Answer any questions about the learning that you may have as promptly as possible
  • Add a daily post on the blog
  • Check all posts and delete inappropriate posts without publishing them. Anyone posting inappropriate material will be reported to the Senior Leadership Team and permission to access the blog may be removed.


We would like to see as many of you as possible on the blog pages this half term.

They are a really important way for us all to stay in touch with our friends and teachers.


You can access the class blogs by using the following links: