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Year 6 - Onyx

Welcome to Onyx Class


Class teacher: Miss Gibbs

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ardizzone, Miss Wilkinson, Miss High, Mr Stark

Day 5 - Friday
Our final morning at PGL and there was just time for a final breakfast and photo opportunities before the coach arrived.
Thanks PGL, you've been great!

Day 5 - Friday

Day 4 - Thursday
Our last full day and a fabulous way to end a wonderful week. All final activities for the children and a final chance for them throw themselves (at times literally) into the fray. Trapeze and all aboard gave the height lovers something to cheer with the ground activities of problem solving and sensory trail today providing the ground activities. A final treat on the last was a new activity for everyone - rifle shooting. After the archery practice earlier in the week, several found their range and proved to be excellent with pellets as well as arrows.
A week at PGL wouldn't be complete without the infamous disco. A chance to let loose and blow off some steam was needed by all and makes for a memorable last night.
The children have done themselves and you proud this week and should be commended for their behaviour and attitude. A real credit to the school.
See you all tomorrow!

Day 4 - Thursday

Day 3 - Wednesday

Into the second half of our trip and we showed no signs of slowing down. The carousel of activities continued to spin with children getting to experience activities they may have only heard about from friends on previous days. Climbing, abseiling, trapeze, the giant swing - all the old lofty favourites - alongside orienteering, raft building, sensory trail, buggy build and archery were the challenges for the day and the children once again pushed themselves to their limits.

For the evening, the children used conditions to their advantage in "Ambush" - a team game of hide of seek. With strategy and tactics discussed at length, it was keenly contested and a terrific way to end the day.
It is hard to believe that we only have 1 more day of activities to go!

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 2 - Tuesday
Tuesday was the first full day of activities and it did not disappoint. Many groups got to enjoy the thrills that others had experienced yesterday with their turns on the giant swing, rock climbing and archery with plenty of new activities also on offer. 2 separate feats of engineering took place with buggy build and the thoroughly enjoyable (if somewhat damp) raft building. Jacob's ladder, trapeze and abseiling provided the perfect chance for high flyers to get their adrenaline pumping with orienteering offering some more laid back teamwork and hunting around the site.

With tired legs, our evening activity saw an opportunity to show their mental prowess in the PGL quiz.

It is hard to think 2 days have gone and only 2 days remain but the second half of our trip still holds plenty of memories for the children to make.

Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 1 - Monday
With excitement overflowing we were on our way to PGL! After a good run on the coach, we had made it and the children were itching to get going. First on the agenda was the ever important lunch to set us up for our first two activities. For everyone, there was an opportunity to touch the sky, whether it was the giant swing, scaling the climbing wall or zoom down the zip wire. The second activity of the day gave an opportunity to keep feet firmly on the ground, being Robin Hoods, problem solvers or tackling the sensory trail...blindfolded!
Dinner followed and the evening was a chance to burn off the last remaining drops of energy at the PGL tournament with a quiet space for those that needed a bit of down time.
Tomorrow promises to be a jam packed schedule with our first full day and plenty more fun and entertainment to be had.

PGL Day 1

Have you been on Times Table Rock Stars today?

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  • If you can recall multiplication facts quickly when solving a problem you'll have more 'space' in your brain for reasoning!
  • 5 minutes a day on Times Table Rock Stars can help you remember those tricky tables and improve your score!