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Climate Change Week - November 2021

The Last Tree by Emily Haworth-Booth

This is the book that the whole school have been reading during Climate Change Week. Take a look at the front cover and discuss what you think the book is about. Listen to the blurb and have a chat about if it changes your opinion and why.

Questions about the story

Why did the people stop talking to each other?

Why did the adults want to build so many things?

How does the picture of the wall make you feel? Why?

How did it make the people feel?

Was it ok that the children didn’t listen to the adults?

Should you always do what you are told? When might it be ok not to obey instructions?

Why did the children feel happier outside?

Are trees important?


Science Questions and activities

What trees can you name? Which one do you think is in the story? What does a tree need to grow?

Look at the picture of the village that people made. What material did they use for all their creations? What else do we use wood for? Why is wood a good material for these things?

Can you name and describe the four seasons? What season are we in now? How can you tell? What will come next?

Can you go outside and look at the natural environment to spot signs of which season it is?


History Questions and activities

Look at houses in the past and what they were made of. Go on a local walk and look at the differences in the houses. Why are houses not made of wood anymore?


Geography Questions and activities

Discuss physical and human features of a location. Which ones are in the book? Which human features would the village need to thrive?

Draw a map of the village


Art Questions and activities

Look at pictures of leaves. Collect leaves from outside. Look at the pictures of the leaves in the story. Discuss the colours, shapes and patterns that you see. How is green made? How can you make different shades of green?