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Edgebury Connected Curriculum

Our Connected Curriculum


At Edgebury, the children are taught science, history, geography, art and design technology through a thematic approach.


Each term, the curriculum is underpinned by a key enquiry question. For example, ‘Should we stop eating chocolate?’, ‘Are bugs important? At the beginning of each theme there is a hook activity to introduce the key question. This provides a stimulus for their learning and provides children with a way to fully engage in the theme. During this session, there is a knowledge harvest where the teachers find out what the children already know. This is used as an assessment tool at the end of the theme when this is re-visited and the children demonstrate the knowledge or skills they have gained throughout the theme in their Connected Curriculum learning journals. Where possible, meaningful links are made across other curriculum areas including using a core text in English lessons where this complements the learning around the theme.


Educational visits and workshops are an integral part of our curriculum offer and we offer an enrichment activity wherever possible. This often forms a visit or trip linked to the theme or a visitor or workshop delivered in school. These activities allow children the opportunity to have real life experiences linked to their theme. Some of the enrichment activities the children have enjoyed have included visits to the London Eye, Greenwich observatory, Chislehurst Caves, Hever Castle, National Gallery, Godstone Farm, Margate seaside and interactive workshops such as WW2 evacuees and chocolate making.