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Apps and Websites for Learning Languages


Duolingo Kids- Duolingo Kids is among the best free apps that teach a new language. It offers unique features and a user-friendly structure which makes learning new languages and sharpening skills both simple and fun for its users. Older children will benefit from using the regular Duolingo app.


Penyo Pal- is a flash card language game that teaches basic French vocabulary.  It is designed with beginners in mind and also offers 40 words per level and native speaker audio clips.  Can it be used even if you’re not a child? Oui! (Yes!). Download Penyo Pal in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. 


Gus on the go- Meet the enchanting Gus the friendly owl as you adventure through learning French.  Post-lesson games reinforce the learning in a fun and engaging way.  Learn useful language basics like numbers, colors and food.  With 90 new words to learn, 10 fun activities and native audio clips, it has everything you need to get started on a journey into the world of language. Download Gus on the Go in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.




Head to BBC Bitesize for games, songs and stories.

Imendi- a free online flashcard game.


YouTube- There are plenty of French nursery rhymes on YouTube that you could listen and sing along to. Also head to The French Minute on YouTube for pronunciation of different words. Head to BookBox French for stories told in French with English Subtitles.