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Reception 2 - Sunstone

Welcome to Sunstone Class,

We are named after the Sunstone gem. Sunstone is named for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle like the sun. Sunstone symbolises good leadership and optimism and good will.

We have a very exciting year ahead.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to catch us at the end of the school day.



Home Learning Activities


We have added some activities for English, Maths and Phonics, as well as a list of websites which you might find useful. Where possible, we suggest the children choose one English, one Maths and one Phonics activity each day. Remember to read every day too!


We hope you have lots of fun at home completing these exciting activities. Hopefully we will see you soon!


Miss Beale and Miss Sampson

Monday 30th March

Good morning Sunstone!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families. I made some cookies on Saturday with my sister, I have attached some pictures to show you, they were very yummy! What did you get up to?

I hope you are looking forward to your second week of 'home school'. There should be enough English and Maths activities on the grids for two weeks so make sure you choose something you haven't done yet!


I am going into school this afternoon to help look after the key workers children, I'm sure it will feel very strange without seeing you all there.


I am missing you lots!


Stay safe, 

Miss Beale and Miss Venables smiley

Friday 27th March

Happy FriYAY Sunstone!


Well done for completing your first week of 'home school'!


I hope you are having lots of fun in the sunshine! I thought you would like to see a picture of my dog Teddy enjoying the sunshine too!


Please remember to try and read for at least 10 minutes a day. I can't wait to hear about all the different books you have read! This website is also great for reading, as you can download loads of different books to read. They also have Biff, Chip and Kipper books for you to keep practising your reading. Here is the link:


Don't forget to keep helping your family, perhaps you could help them with a job they are doing today?


Have a great day and I hope you and your families have a restful weekend! I will message again on Monday:) 


Miss Beale and Miss Venableslaugh

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Sunstone!


I have just completed the Joe Wicks' P.E. workout, I hope you have been giving it a go too!


I hope you are enjoying the activities we have given you so far, I can't wait to have a look at your home learning books when we are back in school.


Remember to keep practising your phonics sounds and tricky words. This can be done in lots of different imaginative ways. For example, you could run to a different sound or tricky word in the garden or you could create an obstacle course with a sound or tricky word attached to each part for you to read aloud as you go past it. I saw a video on Facebook of children splatting the different sounds or words that their mum called out using a Nerf gun! 

I will also attach some pictures of phonics games that you could make and enjoy indoors as well. 


Phonics tracker have also got lot's of phonics games to learn with online. I thought you may like word racer game as it's similar to the game on PhonicsPlay that we enjoyed in school. Here's the link: 


Have a great day and take care,


Miss Beale and Miss Venablescheeky






Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Sunstone!


I hope you are all well and are enjoying another sunny day!


Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing is posting some kids dance routines on her youtube channel, which I thought you may enjoy as I know how much you all love to dance! Here is the link: 


Also for those of you that love to play with Lego, there is a great 30 day Lego challenge that I thought you may want to have a go at. If you want to you could take some pictures of your fantastic creations to show me once we are back in school!


Have a great day and keep safe,


Miss Beale and Miss Venablessmiley


Tuesday 24th March

Good afternoon Sunstone class!


I hope your first day of 'home school' went well yesterday and you are having lots of fun in the sunshine!


Who has been having a go at Joe Wicks' P.E. lessons? I have! If you haven't tried it yet here is the link: they're very fun and a great way to exercise when indoors.

David Walliams is reading a story everyday at 11am from his 'Worlds Worst Children' books. You can find the link on his website under the heading 'Elevenses'. I thought this might be a nice thing to listen to while you are having a break from all of your hard work!


I hope you are having a lovely day and I can't wait to find out what you have been up to!


I will message again tomorrow - stay safe and take care, 


Miss Beale and Miss Venables laugh


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