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Reception 1 - Moonstone

Welcome back Moonstone class,


I hope you had a lovely week in the sunshine. If you did anything exciting, make sure to share it on our blog!

This week is a new term so we are starting a new topic, Journeys! For your English and Provision this week please find 5 activities based on Journeys. In maths, we are learning our numbers to 20 and finding out one more and one less. For Phonics please continue to watch the letters and sounds videos, they are very good Phonics lessons and will be very helpful to you. 


As always I can't wait to see what you are getting up to on our Blog! Good luck and enjoy!

See you later Alligators,

Miss Sampson and Miss King smiley


Wednesday 03rd June 

Hello Moonstone Class, 


I hope you are all enjoying your home learning this week! We've had lovely weather haven't we! It's a shame that the sun is hiding away today... I have been at school and it has been lovely to see some of you again. For the rest of you, we are all missing you very much and we cannot wait until we can all be back together again. 


It is great to see the new blog posts, make sure you keep posting, it would be great to say hello! Keep going with your home learning, I am sure you are all working very hard.


Take care and see you later Alligators,

Miss Sampson and Miss King smiley


Thursday 4th June

Hello Moonstone,


Have you been enjoying your home learning this week? Who is enjoying our new topic, Journeys? 


We are missing all of you very much. Tomorrow at school we will be looking at the blog together, and we may even post our own picture! Make sure you keep posting on there, it would be great to see some more of you! 


Have a good day today and see you later Alligators,

Miss Sampson and Miss King smiley




We know it is very hard to fit home learning in each day, particularly if adults at home are also working. Feel free to do your home learning whenever you can. We recommend that children spend 15 mins on each English/Maths/Phonics and Provision activities every day. But it is important to take breaks in between each activity.


We also recommend at least 10 mins of reading practise each day. (I know this is hard as you haven't got any new books, but if you go on the Oxford Owl or Collins website hopefully you can find some that you like. Link is in the useful website document below.)  


Don't forget to keep exercising, that could be Joe Wicks or running in the garden! 

Nursing Home Activity- Bring a Smile to Someone's Day!

If your child is feeling stressed or worried- 

It's normal to feel worried at times, but if your child can't stop feeling worried or if it's stopping them from enjoying their day then it is important to support them to deal with their emotions. 


In class, we have taught that children that when they can't calm themselves down they should take a deep breath, they have learnt to do both rainbow breaths and bunny breaths. If you are not sure what they are, ask your child and they will show you! 


If your child still feels stressed visit Childline ( On this website, you will find resources, games and videos to help your child manage stress and worry.  

You could also visit GoNoodle, under the category section, SEL and Mindfulness, Manage Stress there are several videos to help your child calm down when in crisis. I recommend Let's Unwind and Melting. 


Things to remember

Children often feel worried or stressed when things are uncertain, that is why it is important to build routines and structure throughout the day to create certainty for them. Daily exercise and going outside are important to support wellbeing. 


Try to limit your child's exposure to the news but keep them informed at their age-appropriate level (see links below for how to have age-appropriate conversations), if they hear something and do not understand it, it could make them more worried. An important message for young children to hear is that adults will keep them safe. 

It is also important to look for the positives, talk about all of the people who are helping to stop Coronavirus including; Healthcare workers, Supermarket staff, Pharmacies, the Police and researchers who are trying to find a cure. 


Places to call or visit if you or your child needs extra support: 

Childline: 0800 1111 (Calls are free)


Young Minds: This website is mainly for older children but it does have tips for how to support your child during Coronavirus. 


Unicef have advice for how to talk to children in an age-appropriate way


PACEY- An organisation mainly aimed at childcare and settings however there is a link to an explanation of Coronavirus that we used at school and a video suitable for young children.