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Reception 1 - Moonstone



Home Learning Activities


We have added some activities for English, Maths and Phonics, as well as a list of websites which you might find useful. Where possible, we suggest the children choose one English, one Maths and one Phonics activity each day. Remember to read every day too!


We hope you have lots of fun at home completing these exciting activities. Hopefully we will see you soon!


Miss Beale and Miss Sampson


Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Moonstone Class!


I can't believe that this is the end of our first week of home learning! Today is potentially the last day of bright sunshine, so make sure you go outside and enjoy it if you can.


You might like to play a scavenger hunt outside (if you can), using your tricky words, numbers or sounds. Perhaps, you could splat the word or sound using a Nerf gun or just a ball (I saw this posted by a mum on Facebook.) Or if you have some chalk, you could draw a hopscotch grid, fill the squares with numbers, tricky words, sounds or words and hop away!

If you are looking for a challenge, maybe you could write some words inside the squares. 


Also, if you are looking for a new phonics games website, why not try Phonics Tracker's games. These can be accessed for free and there are a few games that I know we all will love including; Word Racer, Astronaut or Alien and Balloon Pop! Link here: 


On Monday, I will delete these messages so that it doesn't get too busy on this page. But I will leave all of our new links on the useful website document below. 


I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and take care.


See you later Alligators! 

Miss Sampson and Miss King. 


Thursday 26th March


Happy Thursday Moonstone Class!


I hope you are well and still enjoying the sunshine when you can. 


Please enjoy this time with your family. Keep up your daily Reading, Phonics and Maths when you can. But, spending time with your family is also very important. Don't forget to ask your adults at home what you can do to help them today! 


Below is a 30 day Lego challenge which seems really fun. If you don't have Lego that's okay, get creative and see if you can do the same challenges using whatever you have at home! As always, if you want to take pictures you can, if you have a printer at home you could print out some pictures and put them in your home learning book. 


30 Day Lego Challenge.

Take care and enjoy,

Miss Sampson and Miss King. 




Tuesday 24th March


Hello Moonstone Class, 


I hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning activities!


This morning I enjoyed completing P.E. with Joe Wicks. If you have not heard about this, Joe does a half-hour P.E. lesson every morning via his Youtube Channel (Link here: I highly recommend trying these for a fun and healthy start to the day! Remember, if you aren't out of breath, then you aren't doing it right! 


I look forward to hearing all about your home P.E. Lessons. 


Take care,


Miss Sampson and Miss King. 

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Moonstone Class,


I hope you all managed to go out in the sunshine yesterday, it was so warm! 


This morning I really enjoyed P.E. with Joe, my favourite part was being Spiderman! What was your favourite part? 


I hope your learning activities are going well and you are enjoying time with your family. Have you tried playing tricky word noughts and crosses? Or perhaps, you could invent your own superhero. You could draw them or make them out of playdough or something else, don't forget to give them a superpower!  You could transform your home into Superhero Headquarters! If you want you can take some pictures to show me when we get back. 


Every day at 11:00 you can listen to David Walliams read a story go to his website: and type Elevenses in the search button for a nice story break every day! 


Enjoy and take care,

Miss Sampson and Miss King. 

The Power of Playdough

English Home Learning

Dinosaur Home Learning