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English end of year Expectations

The English Curriculum at Edgebury Primary School

Our aim is to enable children to communicate with others effectively and express themselves confidently in many different ways. In order to achieve this we endeavour to develop each child’s skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. While we fully implement the National English Curriculum and all classes from Years 1 to 6 participate in an English session each day, we see English as an integral part of all other subject areas across the curriculum.


At Edgebury we are committed to creating confident, skilled readers who are able to access the curriculum. We use Success for All phonic programme, the Power of Reading CLPE teaching sequences and Accelerated Reader to support the teaching of reading, well as writing, throughout the school. We recognise the importance of fostering in children an enthusiasm and enjoyment of books so they may develop a love of reading for life. We encourage children to borrow from our increasingly wide range of books and from the time they start school every child has a reading journal which ensures we have home/school partnership. As children progress through the school they read a wider range of materials which are progressively more challenging and they are asked to use their knowledge of vocabulary, structure and text to reflect and respond to the meaning. See the Reading at Edgebury page  on our website for further detailed information.


We try to give children lots of opportunities in different situations to develop their confidence as speakers and to consider as listeners, information and the views of others. We encourage them to learn how to speak and present to suit different purposes and audiences. We encourage children to enjoy writing and give them experience of many forms including stories, reports, explanations, instructions, poems and play scripts; all in meaningful contexts. We encourage children to use an increasing variety of words and phrases and we place high value on accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar and on neat and clear cursive handwriting.