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Class 6- Obsidian

Monday 29th June


Good morning all and welcome back to another week. Well done to all those who uploaded/completed their learning on OneNote last week. It was lovely to see all the learning you have been doing. Keep up the good work! If you are uploading a picture or scan, if you could do this on the day the learning was set, it would be preferable to uploading it all at the end of the week as then I can try and give feedback where appropriate or needed.


Thank you for your continued effort and resilience in this time. Well done.


I hope you have a great day.

OneNote direct links:

The following link should take you straight to our class Notebook and will ask you to log in:


If you have the app you can try clicking the above link to see if it will open in the app, otherwise the below link should hopefully force the app to open and ask for your sign in and take you straight to the Notebook:




Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to guide you through this.


Thank you


Mr Cheeseman

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning everyone. It was great to see so many of you engaging with the new learning platform on OneNote yesterday. It is new for us all and no doubt there will be things that we can adapt and improve over time. It is great to see more of all of your learning (as the blog was becoming quite sparse). Look forward to seeing more of your learning over the course of the day. If you complete the learning on a sheet or in your book, don't forget to upload the picture to your personal OneNote folder so we can see what you have been up to and leave some feedback!

Have a great day, and try to make some time to enjoy the sunshine! (between learning of course!)

Monday 22nd June

Good morning all. Welcome back to another week. I hope you have all been keeping well and enjoyed the weekend.

As explained, all learning has now moved to OneNote. Please log in to access and complete the learning. Learning can either be completed directly in OneNote or can be done on paper with a photo/scan uploaded to your OneNote folders. Answers for maths tasks can be found in the 'Content Library'.

I look forward to seeing all of your learning on the new platform.

Have a great day!

Friday 19th June

Good morning

Hopefully you have seen, or heard, that as of next week, all of the learning will be posted directly to OneNote. Don't forget to try and log in and leave a short message in your personal folder so I know that you can access the Class Notebook. 

It is the end of another week, I am not posting a separate maths challenge today as the white rose learning for every Friday is a collection of challenges. Have a go at as many as you can. Solving anything beyond question 6 is excellent!

Have a great day


Please follow the link to the white rose home learning page:


This week is some revision on algebra - finding a rule for sequences, finding possible values to satisfy an expression and using basic formulae (in this case conversions).

Thursday 18th June

Good morning. I hope you are all keeping well. Another extra maths challenge to think about here. Very easy to start thinking about but more challenging to come up with some general patterns and rules.

Would be lovely to hear some ideas on the blog (it has been very quiet on there!) and what answers you have come up with.



Wednesday 17th June

Good morning. We have made it to Wednesday, although my prediction of a nice day of weather didn't last too long (not here at least). I guess that is why I'm not a meteorologist. 

I hope you enjoyed the extra maths puzzle yesterday, if you haven't already had a look and want a challenge then click the link in yesterday's message. New challenge for today which should be using some of the algebra and equations solving skills from the last couple of days. 

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning. It looks like we are going to have another day of lovely weather. Make sure you find some time to go out and enjoy it (as well as completing today's learning of course!). 

For those looking for a little more challenge in your maths - and I know you're out there - follow this link and have a go at finding some "special numbers". It is challenging but if you are already confident with this week's content, it is definitely worth a look.

The puzzle talks about 'products' which is just a fancy way of saying 'the answer when we multiply'. For example the product of 4 and 6 is 4x6=24.

Have a go and I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on the blog.

Have a great day.

Monday 15th June

Good morning all and a happy Monday to you. As we are all learning from home now, tasks for the week will return here in the usual way. I hope those that were in enjoyed their time at school and let's make the most of these remaining weeks. We have to keep our hopes up that we can all get together soon. The sun is shining and let's all have a great day.



Friday 12th June

Good morning all. Friday has rolled around all too quickly again and we have made it through another week. Keep up all the good work and I hope to see more of you over on the blog with what you are up to!


This morning I would like you to watch the following video clip (hopefully the link will work!)


Once you have watched the video and followed all of the instructions, there are 3 activities to have a go at. The envelope is simply, as you might expect, making a envelope. You can place any worries you have in here. It might be something that adults at home have access to so they can see what is worrying you. Sometimes it can be easier to write it than to say it and this can help.

The worry questions are for you to think about what might cause someone to worry and how you might deal with that worry.

The worry letter is for you to write a reply to "Alfie" (not our one!) because he is worried about going to a new school.

There are also some scenarios to have a think about and see if you can help with the worries. 



After you have completed the worry activities, then head over to the white rose home learning page and have a go a their Friday challenges.


Have a great day everyone.

Thursday 11th June


I hope that you have found completing the transition booklets useful in preparing (somewhat) for secondary life. I also hope you enjoyed planning and thinking about your own stall/enterprise, even if we were unable to put them into practice this year. 

Morning activity

Just as Liam did in the book 'Cosmic' you are going to create a short audio piece. Please plan and prepare a written diary to record (about 1 minute in length) for your new form tutor telling them a little about your proud moments from primary school and your dreams, aspirations and future hopes for secondary school and beyond (this would be very good practice ahead of your 1-minute leavers video clip). As ever, it would be great to hear some of your proud moments over on the blog (especially for me as someone relatively new to the school). Take time to plan out what you are going to say and think back across all the years of your time at Edgebury. 

Afternoon activity

Please see the afternoon activity sheet for more details about today's afternoon task. It is around music and will hopefully generate some interesting discussions between you and an adult at home.


Even if the weather looks a bit grey, we can brighten it with our positivity. 

Have a great day

Wednesday 10th June


Transition Booklet

Today, please work through the remaining pages of your transition booklet. These pages will give you a scenario and ask you to think about how you would deal with the situation. Think carefully about what you think would be the best way to act or the best thing to say in each scenario. Who could you go to? Keep the booklets and you may even choose to flick through it every so often to remind yourself of some of the content. I hope you have found it useful to be thinking about secondary life and you feel more prepared for some of the changes. As ever, any questions, feel free to leave them on the blog (it has been very quiet on there!) and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


Enterprise Challenge

If anything still needs to be completed on your enterprise planning challenge then please spend some time finishing your presentations. Again it would be great to see some of your ideas for stalls on the blog (I have only seen one so far). 


Afternoon Activity

See the attached sheet as usual for you afternoon activity. I hope you all enjoyed solving the maths problem yesterday and have fun with today's writing task.

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all finding the transition booklet helpful so far in getting you thinking a little bit about secondary school and what is to come. It would be lovely to see any artwork you did yesterday afternoon on the blog.


Transition Booklet

No extra pages to be completed today but please make sure that you have completed up to and including page 17 if you have not already done so.


Enterprise Challenge

Imagine that you are going to pitch the idea of your enterprise business to some of the school staff (Mrs. Box, a Governor, myself or Mrs Nickell) and think about how you could convince us that your idea will work and that we should "invest" the £5 into your business. Create a presentation about your stall/enterprise that not only showcases the idea and how it will work, but also demonstrates how it is going to make money. You should explain:

  • What your idea is
  • How the stall would run
  • What you need the investment for (what would you spend you £5 on)
  • How much profit you plan to make (perhaps per customer or for 100 customers)

These are some of the main points and you may want to add in additional information. Remember that you are looking for investment in your idea - make your presentation persuasive that your product/stall will work.


Afternoon Activities

Please see the attached afternoon activity sheet for details of what to do.

Monday 8th Jun


Good morning and welcome back to another Monday. Another full week of activities ahead and I know that you will continue to approach them with your positive mindset. Keep going! We will be continuing with the transition booklets and enterprise challenges during some of the morning sessions this week and then the afternoon activities for all can be found below. Have a great day!


Transition Booklet

Today, could you please complete pages 15/16 and 17. Pages 15 and 16 are all about budgeting your meals for the week and making sure you are getting enough nutrition. Keeping track of your money is a crucial skill and practising on this scale is a good way to start if you don't already.


Page 17 is about finding the facts in the fiction. It explains that some things about secondary school are made up by older children just to scare/worry us. It is important to decipher what the reality is so we know what to expect. If you are unsure what the fact is relating to a "rumour" then feel free to ask on the blog and I can tell you from my own experiences (of course every school can be slightly different and I cannot speak for everyone).


Enterprise Challenge

Nothing to complete towards the enterprise challenge today.

Friday 5th June


Transition Booklet

Today, please complete pages 9 and 10 in the transition booklet. These pages are all around time management - making sure you're up and ready for school on time, making sure you plan your time and have clean uniform when you need it and so on. No doubt some of these jobs have been or are done by an adult at home so you can always check with them to see how often you may need to 'wash clothes' for example.

Page 10 is about you morning routine and, again, ensuring you leave enough time to get everything done you need to and still get to school on time. 

If you finish these pages quickly then you can begin to work through pages 11 to 14. These are more around the school life and in particular pages 13 and 14 will get you used to reading your timetable - something very different to what you have had up to now. 

As ever, I can try and help with any questions you have, feel free to post them on the blog and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Enterprise Challenge

No tasks towards the enterprise challenge for today


Afternoon activity

Please see the afternoon activity document below to find out what you should be doing this afternoon. It's an English/music crossover.


Hope you all have a great day and well done for making it through another week of these challenging times.

Thursday 4th June


Transition Booklet

Please complete page 8 of the booklet today (Page 7 can only be filled in once you have visited your new school. If you have done so and can answer these questions, then please do).

Take some time to really consider which statements on page 8 might be worrying you. Consider (or discuss with an adult) some strategies that might help reduce this worry, or make the transition easier when you begin secondary school.


£5 Enterprise Challenge

Today your enterprise challenge is all about costings. How much will your stall cost to setup? What resources will you need to buy? How many? Where would you get them from to get the best price/deal? How much profit do you expect to make.

There are many questions to consider and you will need to do some research to ensure that your £5 would be spent wisely!

On page 7 of your enterprise booklet, there are 2 tables that can be filled in with your costs and expected profit margins (estimate for 100 customers - multiplying by 100 makes the numbers easy to work with!). 

Once you have finished your costings, finalise your design. Perhaps create a poster or advertisement for your stall. There is space to draw this on page 8 with page 9 being left for your explanation of your final idea. 


Afternoon activities

I hope you all enjoyed the video "The Little Shoemaker" yesterday. Whilst it is a fictional cartoon, it is interesting the pros and cons of mass production. The tall slim man could 'mass produce' the same shoes much faster and therefore sell them cheaper. Better for consumers but much worse for the independent shoemaker who could only make 1 pair at a time and had to set a higher price for his labour and materials. But I digress. Today, as explained on the afternoon activities sheet, there is a link to the white rose home learning page for a lesson about percentages of amounts. Something we have done previously, but certainly won't hurt to recap.


Have a great day and keep going!

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning everyone. Hope you all enjoyed coming up with ideas for an enterprise project, whether at home or in school. Today we will be progressing with this project. 


Transition Booklet

There are no new pages to be completed today in your transition booklets but if you have not yet completed it up to and including page 6 then do so.


£5 Enterprise Challenge

Today is the second part of the enterprise challenge which is all about market research. As the name suggests, this is where you find out some information about what other people like/dislike about your product or service. To do this, you will need to think of some questions that you would like to ask people about your stall. The powerpoint below gives some ideas and examples of questions that you might want for your questionnaire. Those learning at home, again, I would urge you to discuss ideas with an adult at home and perhaps you could post a picture of your questionnaire on the blog when it is finished so we could answer the questions for you.


Well done again to all of you for adapting so well to these circumstances. Keep going, we are all so proud of you.


I have also found a free, virtual Harry Potter themed escape room that you might want to try. If you do fancy having a go then simply follow the link below and it should direct you to the appropriate page. As you will see it is published in google docs so if you want some atmospheric music, follow the youtube link and play it in the background. 

Escape room link:

Music link:

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning. I was glad to hear that everything went well for those who were in school yesterday. Hopefully, with the sun shining, we can all have another great day today, whether at home or at school.


Transition Booklet

Today please can you fill in up to and including page 6 (this should be the end of the questions in the grid - stop before starting the "After you have visited your school" section). As ever, any questions you are not sure of the answer, think how best to find the answer and you can always fill in the final answer another time.


£5 Money Making

Today is where I would like you to start thinking about your enterprise. You are going to imagine that you have been given £5 with the task of making some money at the summer fair from a stall (as previously mentioned, unfortunately the chances of this going ahead are very low, but the planning can still be fun). You idea could be something completely new or it could be something that you think has worked well/been fun at previous summer fairs that you have been to. You could develop a game and plan to spend the money on prizes for the winners, you could plan to create/make something with resources bought for £5 and then sell them to make a profit.

Discuss with someone at home some ideas for a stall and choose 3-5 that you particularly like and might want to develop further. Once you have done this, narrow down your list once more to the idea that you think would be best (you can always change your mind after today if you think something else would work better).


If one of my ideas was to have a "Beat the Goalie" game (a summer fair classic, I must say) I would draw a picture of someone trying to score past a goalie explaining what the aim is (even though it is obvious, yes) and what the criteria is to win at my game. I might also make a list of the different things that I would need (prizes, footballs, a goal and even a willing volunteer or two to be goalie).

You can use the powerpoint and booklet below to guide your project but don't rush in. Take time to discuss ideas with someone at home, or even post it on the blog if you aren't sure and I can try to advise you. Remember the idea would have been to have a real stall, so make it achievable but have some fun with it as well. Make sure it is something you think would be fun to do.

For today you only need to do the brainstorm/mindmap of all your ideas and then try to develop your favourite one.

Please find the afternoon activities on the afternoon activity sheet.

Thank you and have a lovely day

Monday 1st June

Good morning and welcome back to our Obsidian Home Learning Hub! I hope you all had a fantastic half term break and had the opportunity to enjoy some of the lovely weather we had.

We are now into our last half term starting this morning (Monday 1st June). I know lots of you will be in school today and no doubt you are looking forward to that. For those that aren't in, don't worry, as I will be still be putting the learning tasks here so you will have access to the same activities as everyone else.


Blog: We have a brand new blog page for this term; please make good use of it. It is always lovely to hear and see what is going on with you all! The link can be found by clicking on hover the cursor over "Our Learning" at the top and clicking on the "Home Learning" tab of the website.


As I (Mr. Cheeseman) will not be in school at the moment, I will still be able to look after the blog and do my utmost to answer any questions you may have. 


Over the next two weeks, you will completing 2 main learning tasks.

The first of these will be a transition booklet that will help you answer (or find the answer to) some of your questions before moving on to secondary school. We will be completing a few pages each day and I will tell you which pages need to be done. 

The second is a mini enterprise 'planning' project. Unfortunately, as it seems as though the Summer Fair will not be able to be held this year, a lot of the aspects of this learning unit will need to be simplified. Whilst we may not be able to work in small groups to make and sell the product, we can still do all the planning and there are a lot of good life skills that come from doing that.


You have been an amazing group for adapting to these very strange circumstances and taking it all in your stride. We are incredibly proud of you so keep going and let's try to enjoy this last half term as best as we can.


Have a great day everyone! :)


Mr Cheeseman, Mrs Nickell and Miss Doorey


Transition Booklet 

The transition booklet is a great opportunity to start getting prepared for secondary school life. Many of the questions and tasks in the booklet could require you to do some research into your September schools and many others ask you to solve typical 'problems' that you many encounter (ensuring you leave enough time to get the right bus or knowing which room your Biology lesson will be for example)


For those that are in school, you will be in your bubbles with adults to guide you. For those that aren't, I (Mr. Cheeseman) will be available on the blog for you to ask questions if you are unsure and I will do the best I can to help you.


I have uploaded a word version and a PDF version. If you wish to print it out (if you can) to fill it in then great, otherwise I would suggest trying to type straight onto the document in word. If you unfortunately cannot do either (print or use word) then you may need to use your home learning books to recreate your own transition booklet. If you require a new book to do this, let me know and I am certain we can arrange something.


I know you will find it valuable to complete the booklet so please don't rush through, we are doing a few pages a day so that you can really consider the answers (or find them if you are not sure!). Any questions, let me know.


Monday 1st June

For today, complete the front page, page 1 (All about me) and page 2 of the transition booklet. 


Page 1 is "All about me" and gives you the opportunity to write down some of your favourite things, in and out of school. It would be great for you to post your '2 truths and a lie' to the learning blog and see if we can guess!


On page 2 there are several questions about your new school. Some of these things you may already know but no doubt many of the answers you won't know yet. There are 2 boxes - "Best way to find out" and "Answer". If you are not sure of the answer think about how you could find out (search their school website, ask an adult, ask an older sibling etc.). It may be that you would want to ask someone at your new school. This might not be possible at the moment meaning the question cannot be answered straight away. Of course, that isn't a problem but knowing how you will find the answer is important to think about. 


Any questions, head over to the blog and I will try my best to assist. 

£5 - Money Making Enterprise


This would normally be a longer term project and something we see come to fruition at the fair. Unfortunately, given the current circumstances, that is very unlikely to be the case. 

However, there is still a lot to be gained by planning such an activity and I know we have some budding entrepreneurs in the class already!


As with the transition booklet, this activity will build up over time and I will update you as and when there are tasks to be completed. Please note that the first task to be completed is not until Tuesday 2nd June. On Monday 1st June, only the given pages of the transition booklet need to be completed.

Additional, please view - Writing to a Nursing or Care Home

Above is a document with a list of care homes and nursing homes that are happy to receive post at this difficult time. It could really make someone's day to receive a letter or picture whilst stuck indoors and no doubt you can help put a smile on their face. The document gives the addresses of places you can send your letter/card/drawing etc. and some guidance as to what to include. It is not mandatory but it would be a really wonderful thing to do for the people in our local community.




Hi all,
We would just like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for our trip to PGL last week. It was an incredible experience and we can only hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. You are an amazing group and we are truly grateful that we were able to share the laughs, fun and excitement with you. We are immensely proud of you all - for your determination, the support you show for one another, the way you pushed yourselves beyond what you thought you were capable of - you are an inspiration and we are so thankful that we could be a part of your journey.
Mr Cheeseman, Mrs Nickell and Miss Doorey

PGL Day 4

Pre shop
Challenge course
What teamwork!
Challenge course
Last night
Disco Dancers
Last night
Last night
Last night
Last night
Last night

PGL Day 3

Canoe capers
Canoe capers
Professional problem solvers
Courageous canoe-ers
Problem solving
Splash attack
Tower of 'triplets'

PGL Day 2

Birthday Boy Bradley (nice alliteration!)
Amazing aeroball-ers
Awesome abseilers
Fearless fencing
After climbing Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder

PGL 2020 Day 1

Welcome to PGL!
After a hard afternoon's climb
Orienteering group 1
Orienteering group 2
Wacky Racers!

Welcome to Obsidian Class, 


Class 6 have a very busy and exciting year ahead of them and we will keep you up to date through this class page.  Our class is named after the precious stone Obsidian; a jet black volcanic rock symbolising truth, protection, positivity and resilience.  A very apt name for the children in Obsidian class. 


As always, I am very happy to discuss any aspect of your child's school life, please make an appointment by catching me at the end of the day or contacting the office.