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Class 5 - Amethyst


Over the upcoming weeks I will be up-loading various activities for you and your child to access at home. Please check it frequently.

Your Daily Home Learning should include at least:-

  • 1 Maths Task
  • 1 Writing Task
  • 1 Reading Task
  • Spelling and times table practise


As well as this, make sure you log on to Matheletics, try some of the learning websites that I will be recommending on our pages and hopefully use this as a relaxing and productive learning experience.

Do check out the blog: and add to it.


Have fun and make sure that you continue to improve your learning everyday.

Hopefully this time away from school will go quickly and we'll all be back together soon.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Leavins laugh



Good morning Amethyst,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe. Today's date is Monday 30th March 2020. Did you know that on this day in 2001, Michael Phelps (American swimmer) breaks the 200m butterfly world record at the US World Championship trials at Austin, Texas. He was age 15 years and 9 months when he did it.


For maths today, have a look at some of the problems of the day on the pdf below. Also have a look at for an interactive tile matching game. Finally if you want a go at problem solving questions you will find those below too.


For English, you should write the story of the highwayman from point of view of either the Highwayman or Tess. If you have already written your story then check and edit:

  1. Have you written it all in the same tense? (past/present)
  2. Have you written it in first person? (I, Me, My)
  3. Do your sentences make sense?
  4. Have you checked any words you are unsure of?
  5. Is it in chronological order?
  6. Have you included detail?
  7. Have you mentioned any feelings at some points?



Can you design your own wordsearch for someone based on the spelling rules we have looked at over this half term. To jog your memory we have looked at the spelling rules:

  1. ant/ent endings
  2. ancy/ency endings
  3. silent letters (k,g,h,b,w,l)
  4. homophones
  5. words from the year 5/6 word list
For CC today, it is art with a bit of music. Below will be some music clips and I would like you to draw what you see in your minds eye for each clip.

Good Morning Amethyst,

Today's date is Friyay (Friday) 27th March 2020. Did you know on this day in 1964, the strongest earthquake in US history slams Alaska. It measured 9.2 on the Richter scale. Wow!

You will find many resources for today below.

For Maths, you will be diving deeper into percentages, decimals and fractions with fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Look through the powerpoint to get an idea of what it is you will be doing. If you want a bit more practice on percentages then look at the fluency. Remember with these you don't always need to start on part 1.

For English, I would like you to write a story from the perspective of either the Highwayman or Tess. Again you will find the story/poem below. You can use this day to start planning and write it on Monday.

For the connected curriculum, we have been looking at music generally so far. And while it would be quite easy for me to ask you to research a classical composer such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Holst etc. We have looked at film and have talked about diagetic and non-diagetc sounds, research a film composer such as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer. Chances are if you search a film, it was composed by one of these composers. I'm not saying it definitely will be. 

Good Morning Amethyst,

Today's date is Wednesday 25th March 2020. Did you know that on this day in 421, Venice in Italy was founded at the stroke of noon.

Todays starter is to uplevel these sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and verbs:

  1. The leopard stalked its prey.
  2. The girl held her brother's hand.
  3. The lady is covered in paint.
  4. The lady waited by the clock.
  5. The turtle is moving towards the sea.


For English choose one of the boxes from the grid.

Spelling words today:





The highly rated spelling app sirlinkalot is currently free for at least 12 weeks. Have a look at

Also is currently free too.

If you own Minecraft, check out the store for the Educational content pack. The educational content we’ve curated lets players explore the International Space Station though a partnership with NASA, learn to code with a robot, visit famous Washington D.C. landmarks, find and build 3D fractals, learn what it’s like to be a marine biologist, and so much more. This is launching for free download today and will be available through June 30, 2020

I have attached a 30 day Lego challenge which I know most of you might enjoy.


David Walliams is releasing an audio story every day. Free of charge! Atm it's for 30 days. Every day at 11am.

Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

Good Morning Amethyst,

Did you know on this day in 1603, James VI became the first Stuart King on England.

Todays date is Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Morning starter:

Replace the underlined words with words that have a similar meaning

He liked eating cake.

Casey had a nice coat to wear.

“Ouch!” said Mrs Fox.

Which of these is the biggest?

In the dark she felt anxious.

My favourite book is the one with the red cover.


For English: WALT: Prepare questions for an interview.

Imagine you are working for a news company and you had the chance to interview the Highwayman. Write a selection of questions you would want to ask. Remember to use open question starters such as: How, When, What, Where, Why and Who.


Maths today: choose one of the activities from the grid


Curriculum: Yesterday you looked at percussion instruments. Today, I would like you to choose a musician, particularly someone who plays a musical instrument, and make a fact file about them. Ideas could include: John Legend, Vanessa Mae, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jean Michel Jarre or perhaps members in a band who play musical instruments.


Spelling words to look at today are:






Have a good day Amethyst and stay safe.

Hi all, just a quick bit of information:

Apparently everyday at 4pm will have something new for you to do during your time at home. Check it out! 

For your English activity today, choose one of the activities from the grid.

For your curriculum (music): Find and research 3 percussion instruments. How are the instruments played? Are they played in an orchestra? What kind of sound does it make?

Spelling: Some spelling words to start learning:





Below you will find some guidance and notes on percent, which includes some fluency, reasoning and problem solving. See what you can have a go at. Don't spend any more than 20 minutes on the three tasks. If you do not have a printer, just write the answers in your home learning book.

Good morning Amethyst,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Today's date is Monday 23rd March 2020 (23.3.20) Did you know on this day in 1839, the initials “O.K.” are first published in The Boston Morning Post. Meant as an abbreviation for “oll korrect,” a popular slang misspelling of “all correct” at the time, OK steadily made its way into the everyday speech of Americans.

Here is a little morning challenge to get you started this morning:

Over the weeks, you can add to the Amethyst timeline of things that you have been doing. You can add recipes if you have cooked or baked for others to have a go at, write about books you may have read or even just include what you have been up to. Only include your first name and remember to check pictures with an adult before you upload them (if you want to). I will check often to authorise posts so they are added to our timeline.


The website for our blog is: