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Class 5 - Amethyst

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Amethyst,


I hope that you have had a good start to the week and have been planning and writing some fantastic letters to Mr Cheeseman and Mrs Nickell telling them all about yourself and what you enjoy learning at school.

We know that it is quite tricky to think about things that you have enjoyed this year as we have spent lots of time at home because of lockdown and haven't done all of the things that we would normally do.


If you need any help or some ideas, do let me know and I will help you the best I can.


Have a lovely day


Mr Leavins

Good Morning Amethyst,


I hope that you had a lovely weekend.


As you will know this is the last week in Year Five! I cannot believe it is that time already and it has been quite an unusual year for all of us. I am very proud of everything that you have achieved. I know that it has sometimes been tricky completing school work at home and not being able to be at school with your friends and teachers. You have all done a fantastic job and should feel very proud of yourselves. WELL DONE!


It is almost time for the Summer Holidays and then in September we will all be able to return to school when you will be starting your Year 6 adventure with all your friends in Obsidian Class and with the lovely Mr Cheeseman, Mrs Nickell and Mrs Doorey.  We will all be starting new things together and we are really looking forward to seeing you all after the holidays.


But before that, we have our final week of the Summer Term.


This week we are going to do some activities where we look back over our time in Year 5 and think about what we are looking forward to in Year 6. You are going to write a letter this week to your new teacher to tell him all about yourself and today you will be able to watch a video from Mr Cheeseman and Mrs Nickell too.


We would like everyone to do the letter writing task and then you can choose from the remaining tasks.  There are also some maths activities for you to do this week and some optional fun end of term activities for you to choose from. 


It would be brilliant to see as many of you as possible on the blog this week so do come and say hello to your friends before the holidays! If you have any pictures of sports day then please do share those too - either on the blog or via the class email address and we can make sure that they all go into the Echo next week. 


We will be posting a message on here every day as usual and of course checking the class blog. 


Mr Leavins

Happy Friday Amethyst


How are you today? Did you enjoy Sports Day yesterday? Which activity was your favourite? 
I saw some fantastic posts on the blog yesterday and I was really impressed with how many activities some of you completed! 


If you didn’t get a chance to do any of the activities yet you can do them today, over the weekend with your families or at the start of next week. We will be collecting pictures for the Echo early next week so if you would like to share anything about sports day on the blog then don’t forget to upload it by then! 

I hope that you have enjoyed Sports Week and are ready for a relaxing weekend. Next week is your last week in Year Five! The time seems to have gone really quickly but we hope that you have enjoyed it even though it has a been a bit different to what we were all expecting. Next week we will be completing some transition activities and thinking about what we have enjoyed learning and doing this year.


Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst


Today is Sports Day!


The weather hasn't been on our side but hopefully it will be dry enough for you to complete some of the challenges and share your efforts on the Year Five Blog Page! We can't wait to see how you get on!


Have a wonderful day. Do as many activities as you can, take some photos, challenge yourself and most importantly HAVE FUN!


Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst,


I hope you have been enjoying the home learning activities this week so far. I hope that you are all good as well. Tomorrow is the virtual sports day, so start limbering up and preparing yourself. It would be great to see photos and any videos as well. 


Have a great day with all your activities today. You are all working so hard and extremely well.


Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst,


I hope that you are well today and are starting to enjoy our sports themed week so far. I have popped some other activities in the other folder today and there are some interesting things to try and do for English today. Commentary... it is not as easy as it looks. But I look forward to seeing what you do come up with.


Have a lovely day


Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst Class


It's Sports Week!  Woop Woop!!


This week there will be a whole range of fun sporting themed activities for you to try with the culmination of all the fun on the main sports day on Thursday. 


On Sports Day itself there are 11 challenges that you can pick and choose from together with Mr Verga's Ultimate 12th Challenge.  Mr Verga has also recorded a series of videos to show you exactly how you might want to participate in the sports day at home.  Don't worry if you don't have a bat or ball to hand you can use a cushion, a toilet roll or any suitable object and still join in!  If you don't have your own space at home to try out the activities you can now go to the park or an open space with your family and participate there.  You could even join with another family to race together - remembering to keep to social distance guidelines please.


As for the past 2 weeks, all your work will be in your personal notebooks, and there will be extra bits through the week, all sports themed of course. The Sports day for Thursday is there so you can start planning your Thursday. 


We'd absolutely love to see your pictures and videos as we will be collating them all to go in the final 'Edgebury Echo' next week so get your trainers on, fill up your water bottles and join in for a fun and energetic week.


Mr Leavins

Edgebury Sports day challenges

Good morning Amethyst,


I hope that you have had a great week and are looking forward to our Sports Themed Week next week!

What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully it will stop raining and you can get outside or maybe start to visit family members that you haven't seen for a while. 


After Sports Week we will start thinking about our slightly unusual year in Y5 and what we are looking forward to in Y6.

Don't forget you can ask questions on the blog and say hello to your friends and teachers or if you want to ask a question or share your learning away from the blog you can use the class email address.


Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing your work on onenote and seeing you on the blog later on today.

Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst,


Here is an interesting fact for you: 2020 is now 50% complete. I can't believe that. In any case, today will take you on a road trip across America today. 12 of the most popular places in the USA and some interesting questions to find answers too. Hope that you are all doing well.


Mr Leavins

Good morning,


It is a brand new month, so happy 1st July. As I am getting more and more used to onenote and you all are too, you always have a maths, English and either CC or Other activity. I may push some extra bits through as additional pieces for you to read or look through, so always keep your eyes peeled.


Mr Leavins

Happy Tuesday Morning

It is the last day in June today, wow that has gone quick. Some great things on one note today and some extra activities available today. Have a look and can't wait to see the work you do today. 


Mr Leavins

Good morning,


Last week we make the switch over and began the trial of using OneNote for our learning. If you are looking for your notebook or are at school, you will find it here:


Where after clicking you will need to log in with your username and password which was emailed to you. If you have not received it, check your junk folder in case it went in there. If you still cannot find it, email for whose log in you need. If you prefer to use the app, log in on the web first and it should sync for you to use the app. Otherwise try clicking:




Hopefully it should force the app to open up, if not, open the app, log in and more notebooks, it should be there.


There will be the opportunity for children to ask questions about their learning using the collaboration space, for clarification and for teachers to respond, all work is automatically saved. For any maths workings out they can be written in the exercise book and uploaded as a photo under that day’s work.
The children’s notebooks are a private space between the teacher and each individual child, the teacher can see all of the children’s work but each child can only see their own.
There is also a content library where support sheets or information is uploaded by the teacher.


Mr Leavins

Happy Friday to you all.


I Hope this week has been a good week for you. Definitely a few things to get our heads around but I have enjoyed this week and have really enjoyed seeing your work, whether you are doing it straight in OneNote or taking a photo of your work and uploading it. I am looking at using the collaborative space a bit more perhaps next week and you'll have to see the exciting and great things happening next week.


Enjoy today and your road trip across America


Mr Leavins

Happy Thursday morning to you. 


It has been excellent seeing work on onenote, those that are typing and those that are hand writing things and uploading pictures of your work. It is looking good and it is excellent to see the engagement in this platform. 




Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst, 


You work is looking great and it is a pleasure to see the work you are doing and being able to feed back to you. 


Remember to join the onenote workbook by clicking


Then enter your log in information. 


Mr Leavins

Good morning Amethyst,


A good start to onenote so far. It has been great seeing your work and feeding back to you. You have attachments on the page for maths so if you prefer to print off, you can. remember to use the weblink from yesterdays post below to access straight to the notebook if you have not yet. If you can upload any pictures on that day's work it is easier to keep track.


Do use the collaboration space to ask questions about your learning or using onenote, and look at it, you can help each other out using that space.


Thank You


Mr Leavins.

Good morning Amethyst,


I hope that you had a lovely weekend and ready for another great week of learning. Below is the timetable for the week.


Session Number






Session 1

9am – 9.30am


Rest break



Session 2

9.45am – 10.30am

Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths

Session 3

10.30am – 11.15am

English English English English English

Session 4

11.30am – 12.15am

Spelling CC CC CC Computing





This term a new blog has been set up for the class. It is: and there is now guidance of what we should see as a class on the class blog so please check that out and have a read. Also use the new virtual playground to show other year groups things you have been doing


I look forward to seeing what you do through the half term and it is a fantastic way to see what each other has been doing.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr Leavins 

English Story Part 1

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English Part 3

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English Part 4

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