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Class 4 - Citrine

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good Morning Citrine Class,

I hope that you have had a good start to the week and have been planning and writing some fantastic letters to Mr Leavins telling him all about yourself and what you enjoy learning at school.

We know that it is quite tricky to think about things that you have enjoyed this year as we have spent lots of time at home because of lockdown and haven't done all of the things that we would normally do.

Try and think of the things that you enjoyed during the Autumn and Spring Term and subjects that you enjoy learning. You can also tell Mr Leavins about things that you like to do outside of school and if you attend any clubs or have any interesting hobbies. If you would like any help with your letter you can use the blog page or class email address to ask questions or get feedback.

I have added some more English activities for this week below and you can choose any activity to complete each day. A few are based on song lyrics and music videos and I will add some more end of term activities like wordsearches and puzzles tomorrow. Mrs Greenway has also given you some interesting Connected Curriculum activities finding out more about Italy. 

If you have time to come and say hello on the blog today or later in the week then we would love to see you!

Have a wonderful day!

Miss Johnson, Mrs Douglas, Mr Leavins and Mrs Greenway


Monday 13th July 2020

Good Morning Citrine Class

How are you? I hope that you had a brilliant weekend and were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

What did you do? Come and tell us on the blog. smiley


As you will know this is the last week in Year Four! It has been quite an unusual year for all of us and we are very proud of everything that you have achieved. We know that it has sometimes been tricky completing school work at home and not being able to be at school with your friends and teachers. You have all done a fantastic job and should feel very proud of yourselves. WELL DONE!


It is almost time for the Summer Holidays and then in September we will all be able to return to school when you will be starting your Year 5 adventure with all your friends in Citrine Class and with the lovely Mr Leavins and Mrs Hicks.  We will all be starting new things together and we are really looking forward to seeing you all after the holidays.


But before that, we have our final week of the Summer Term. This week we are going to do some activities where we look back over our time in Year 4 and think about what we are looking forward to in Year 5. You are going to write a letter to your new teacher to tell him all about yourself and today you will be able to watch a video from Mr Leavins too. We would like everyone to do the letter writing task and then you can choose from the remaining tasks. I will be adding some fun English activities linked to music videos too. There are also some maths activities for you to do this week and some optional fun end of term activities for you to choose from. 


It would be brilliant to see as many of you as possible on the blog this week so do come and say hello to your friends and teachers before the holidays! If you have any pictures of sports day then please do share those too - either on the blog or via the class email address and we can make sure that they all go into the Echo next week. 


We will be posting a message on here every day as usual and of course checking the class blog. 


Have a fantastic day! 

Miss Johnson, Mr Leavins, Mrs Douglas and Mrs Greenway

MATHS VIDEO LINKS - Week Beginning 13th July 2020

This week for maths you may have to print out as it has a lot of line drawing and grids to draw. Do not worry if you cannot print, try your best to replicate in your books.


Links to videos of lessons:


Lesson 1 -


Lesson 2 -


Lesson 3 -


Lesson 4 -




There is one very important task that we want you all to complete this week which is to write a letter to your new teacher, Mr Leavins.  Your letter should include some information about yourself, what you have enjoyed learning in Y4, what you are looking forward to in Y5. You should also include a little bit about your strengths and things you find tricky or would like to get better at and anything else you would like to tell or ask your new teacher. Once you've written your letter in your very best handwriting we'd like you to either deliver it to the school office, post it in the letter box on the school gate or send it in the post. Make sure that you address the letter to Mr Leavins and remember to sign your name.


I recommend that you brainstorm or plan your ideas first so you can decide what you want to include. You might want to plan your letter on Monday and write it in rough and then write it in best on Tuesday. 


The rest of the activities for the week will be added later today (to give you a chance to write your letter) and are a range of fun things for you to try including some writing linked to music videos, a quiz and some other end of term activities. 

You should also try and read every day. Look out for the Summer Reading Challenge in the Echo and some recommended books on here and the blog later this week.



Connected Curriculum

These final activities finish off your focus on Italy, before you say “Arrivederci!


You’ll be looking at what Italian schools are like and comparing them with your own experiences; you’ll find out what Italians eat, with the chance to design your own Italian menu; you’ll be learning about some of the fantastic places to visit in Italy and writing a postcard from one of them; you are going to research one of Italy’s famous landmarks and finally listen to some traditional Italian music.


Enjoy your final visit to Italy – maybe it’s inspired you to visit the country someday…?


Have a great week!

Mrs Greenway!

Edgebury's Virtual Sports Day Challenges

ENGLISH Week Beginning 6th July


This week we will be finishing our book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and then completing some activities for Sports Week.


MondayRead Chapter 22, 23 and 24 of Edward Tulane. Write a letter to Bryce from Edward, thanking him for giving him up so that he can be fixed and telling him how you feel about him.   

Tuesday - Read Chapter 25, 26 and 27. Write a book review for the book.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Choose from the English activities below:

  • Jesse Owens Comprehension
  • Marcus Rashford Comprehension
  • Sprint for the finish creative writing
  • Sports Day Newspaper Report
  • British Sporting Hero Fact file
This week in Maths it is all about identifying and comparing angles and the geometry of triangles and quadrilaterals. There are some warm up activities to have a look at this week too and there are some great graphic organisers this week to help you with the white rose activities.

Connected Curriculum
This week all the Connected Curriculum activities are sports related. 


There are some Science activities which explain the importance of forces in sports; there is an opportunity to learn about sporting traditions; you can try your hand at some design and technology and even learn some basic French phrases in preparation for the Tour De France. 


Finally, as it's Wimbledon Fortnight,  I thought it would be nice to get you all playing my favourite sport - tennis so I've shared some videos with you from my tennis coaches, Jake and Oli who show you some very easy drills and skills you can try to start your tennis careers.


Enjoy your week and have lots of fun.

Mrs Douglas

Connected Curriculum Sports Week Activities

Your Friday Maths Problem

The Connected Curriculum (week beginning 29-6-20)




As part of your Connected Curriculum topic ‘A European Regional Study’, this week the focus is on the country of Italy!


We start by thinking about what you already know and asking some questions that you would like to find the answers to. We then revisit Italy via Google maps, looking at some of its geographical features and labeling some places on a map. You will do some research about different aspects of the country and then compare Italy with England. There is the chance to learn some Italian words and maybe to make your own vocabulary book for the words you have learnt!


Have a great week of learning!

Mrs Greenway



CONNECTED CURRICULUM Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Hello Everyone.


This week I've been planning your Connected Curriculum activities and the focus is on Mountains.

We are going to start by recapping the learning you did in Year 3 by reviewing our knowledge of how mountains are formed by watching a clip about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

Then we move onto looking at the mountain range - The Alps.  How many of you have seen the Alps from above when you have flown over them on a plane?  They really are spectacular.

Later in the week you can have a go at making your own mountain range using junk modelling.  Be as creative as you like and add, snow, forests, rivers and even a village on the mountain side.  Having seen your amazing Viking shields I can't wait to see what you come up with for your mountain range.

Finally I'm setting you a physical challenge.  Can you climb a mountain in a week?  Check out the endurance challange and see how far you can climb in a week.


Have a great week everyone.

Mrs Douglas

Thursday 18th June (Optional) Maths Challenge

Wednesday 17th June (Optional) Maths Challenge

Tuesday 16th June Additional (Optional) Maths Challenge - Group 1


This week, White Rose Maths are repeating the decimals lessons that were available earlier in lockdown.  If you didn't follow those lessons right at the beginning of the Summer Term I highly recommend you do them this week  as they are essential learning for Year 4.  Anyone in this position is Group 1.


If you have been following the White Rose Lessons from the beginning of lockdown you do not need to repeat these so I have re-directed you to another week in the White Rose website to cover subtraction skills.  Anyone in this position is Group 2.


Group 1

Please click on this link:

We want you to work on Summer - Week 8 (w/c 15th June). 

Please follow the lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 (Monday) - Write Decimals

Lesson 2 (Tuesday) - Compare Decimals

Lesson 3 (Wednesday) - Order Decimals

Lesson 4 (Thursday) - Round Decimals

Friday 12th June - Maths Challenge


Watch the videos first to recap your learning and then have a go at the activities I've put below (Look for Group 1 Maths Activities).  You can also use the BBC Bitesize lesson every day as there are videos and activities on there that link in exactly with what you are learning.


Group 2

Please look at the document: Y4-Week8-Alternative Plan below

Follow the lessons as listed:

Lesson 1 (Monday)  - Subtract two 4-digit numbers - no exchange

Lesson 2 (Tuesday) - Subtract two 4-digit numbers - one exchange

Lesson 3 (Wednesday) - Subtract two 4-digit numbers - more than one exchange

Lesson 4 (Thursday) - Efficient Subtraction

Friday 12th June - I will provide a Maths Challenge for Friday separately.


Additional (Optional) Challenge for Group 1 Monday 15th June



This week your spellings all have the letters -que at the end. There is also a game to play called 'call my bluff' which you should have fun playing, involving your spelling words.


You are going to be creating your own weather forecast.


You will be looking at a river study for a river in Europe. Very similar to last week in creating a fact file.


The challenge is for you to research food traditionally associated with the region and why that might be according to the geography of the area - soil and weather conditions.

Music and Art

Today listen to 2 pieces of music. I would like you to create 2 pieces of art, linked to what you imagine they would look like as an art piece, 1 for each composer’s music.


Everything you need is in the document with more guidance. I look forward to seeing the work you do this week.

Mr Leavins

Friday 12th June 

Good Morning Citrine Class


Its's Friday and the end of the week. I hope you are all well and are continuing your home learning.


I hope that you have all been enjoying 'The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane' in your English learning. I am so proud of how hard you are all working, you are all amazing. The blog is looking great, although it would be nice to see a few more of you posting your work on there. If you haven't been on there at all then go and take a look.


I am in school again next week with Key Workers children but remember that I am still looking at the blog so you can always write me a message about your home learning or what you have been up to on there.


Wishing you all a sunny and lovely weekend. Keep up the brilliant work. 


Miss Wingrove



Thursday 11th Additional (Optional) Maths Challenge

Note: 10/06/2020 

Maths Hundredths as Decimals - question 7 states that the answer is that they are all correct. The right answer for this question is 'None of them are correct'. You will still need to add your reasoning as to why they are all incorrect. Thank you.

Wednesday 10th June Additional (Optional) Maths Challenge

Alternative Maths Lessons

It has only just been brought to my attention that some of you may have already covered the lessons that have been planned for this week as the White Rose website is repeating some of its content.


If you are in this position I have provided a link to some alternative maths activities which focus on place value and addition skills.


You can access the videos for these lessons by clicking on the link below:


The activities that link with these alternative lessons are in the maths section below.


Good luck.


Mrs Douglas

Tuesday 9th June Additional (Optional) Maths Challenge

English: Week Beginning 8th June 2020

This week we are continuing to read 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.' Your activities are as follows:

Lesson 1: Answer comprehension questions about 'The Princess and the ring' which is the story that Abilene's Grandmother read to her and Edward in Chapter 4.

Lesson 2: Read Ch5 up to the line 'Shall we pack it?' and then complete Task 1 which is a reasoning activity about Abilene packing for her trip to England. Once you have completed Task 1 you can complete Task 2 where you will be asked to read the rest of the chapter and make predictions. Chapter 5 is available as a PDF for you to read in the documents below.

Lesson 3: In today's lesson we are going to imagine how Edward was feeling in Chapter 5 of the story. The chapter is included in the sheet with the task on it. As you read you will need to make some notes about how he was feeling at different points of the story. Your task will then be to write as Edward , describing how you were feeling.

Lesson 4: Today you will be reading Chapter 6 of the story and creating a story map to show the story so far. Include quotes and important characters and events on your story map. There are some examples in the Lesson 4 PDF below along with Chapter 6 of the story.

Lesson 5: Today's lesson focuses on the spelling patters -ence/-ense/-ance. There are a number of activities in the PDF document for lesson 5. Have a read through and select the sheet that you think will challenge you the most. I would suggest Sheet 1 or 2 for Mild, Sheet 3 or 4 for Hot and Sheet 5 for Spicy. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ALL OF THE SHEETS


MATHS: Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Please click on this link:

We want you to work on Summer - Week 7 (w/c 8th June). 

Please follow the lessons as follows:

Monday 8th June - Tenths as Decimals

Tuesday 9th June - Divide 1-digit by 10

Wednesday 10th June - Hundredths as Decimals

Thursday 11th June - Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100

Friday 12th June - Maths Challenge


Watch the videos first to recap your learning and then have a go at the activities we've put below.  You can also check the BBC Bitesize lesson every day as there are videos and activities on there that link in exactly with what you are learning each day.

I will also be putting up an additional daily challenge linked to the learning each day for those of you who would like to extend and embed your learning in a problem solving activity. Mrs Douglas

Additional Daily Maths Challenge: Monday 8th June 2020

Connected Curriculum: Week Beginning 8th June 2020
Our new topic for the Connected Curriculum is 'A European Study'.  This topic involves finding out about and exploring the continent of Europe, with a particular focus on the country of Italy. 


We are carrying on from last week in that we will be refreshing our minds about invaders of the UK. Looking at a particular country of where the invaders came from too. There is some computing for you to have a go at and do this week too, using Excel to create and keep track of weather data. and rounding off to towards the end of the week with designing your own Viking shield.


English: Week beginning 1st June 2020

This half term we will be reading 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by Kate DiCamillo. It follows the story of a china rabbit owned by 10-year-old Abilene Tulane, who dearly loves him. However, Edward isn't quite what he seems and we begin to find out more about him and what he learns about himself when he is taken on a family holiday aboard a great ship and is lost overboard.

This week (Week Beginning 1st June)we would like you to listen to the first 4 chapters of the story and complete the lessons below. There is also a PDF version of the book that you can read and refer to when you are completing your tasks. 

Useful Links 


- Class Blog This term our blog will be managed by myself and Mr Leavins who will be able to approve posts and answer any questions you may have whilst I am in school. The new link can also be found on the Our Learning>Home Learning link on our school website and the password will be the same as it was before half term. Remember to access it using the new link as it is a completely new blog page for this half term


- Joe Wicks PE Session: Every day at 9am,


- David Walliams Elevenses A story from the World's Worst Children is read each day at 11am,