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Class 3- Peridot

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning!


I am busy compiling some photos from Sports Week for the last Edgebury Echo of the year – so if you have a photo of an activity you did during the week, make sure you post it on the blog, if you haven’t already!


I hope you have enjoyed writing your letter to Mrs White and myself – we are really looking forward to reading them and getting reacquainted with you! We are busy getting Aquamarine class ready – I think we’ll all be super fit next year walking up and down the stairs! 😊


Below is today’s Maths Challenge – there is a MILD and a HOT level for you to choose from.


Have a great day!

Mrs Greenway

Monday 13th July

Good morning and welcome to the final week of the Summer Term – and your final week in Year 3! What a term it has been! It’s been unusual for everybody but you’ve all done really well. 


You will all have seen the email sent out on Friday about your new teachers for September! You have me (Mrs Greenway) again, along with Mrs White, and Mrs Grant, who you worked with in Emerald – what a team! We’re all looking forward to teaching you, upstairs in the new year 4 class of Aquamarine. We're also looking forward to meeting the children who joined Peridot this year. It's all very exciting!


Here are your final home learning activities for this week:



This week we are all doing the same Maths: looking at capacity, pictograms and bar charts. Each day there will also be an extra Maths Challenge – there are 2 levels, MILD and HOT, for you to choose from.

You can click here to go to the video links for lessons 1 to 4:



One of the most important jobs for you to do this week, is to write Mrs White and I a letter about yourselves – telling us a little bit about yourself, now you are a year older; what you have enjoyed learning this year; your strengths / what you would like to improve and what you are looking forward to next year. There is a Powerpoint ‘How to set out an Informal Letter’: read it before you write your letter. There are 3 different letter sheets included - choose one to use. Post your letter in the school post box this week, addressed to us. We can’t wait to read them!

There are also a selection of English activities to choose from over the rest of the week, all of which will make an ‘End of Year Journal’ celebrating your time in Year 3. Make sure you complete the ‘Front Cover’ and choose at least one page to complete each day this week


Connected Curriculum

Week 7: This week finishes off the topic: How can we make living here better for everyone.

You will be drawing a timeline of your life and thinking about what your timeline could look like in the future; you will research how and why new towns develop; you will be thinking about voluntary groups and how they help society; and picking an environmental issue to design a poster for.


Have a great day!

Mrs Greenway

Connected Curriculum (week beginning 13-7-20)

Key Workers are super important in keeping everything working while we are in lockdown.

Maybe you could colour in these posters and stick them in your window to show your appreciation!  It would be lovely to see some photos of your colouring on our class blog.


It is hard being stuck indoors isn’t it? We are all at home with our families but there are lots of elderly people that live in care homes or nursing homes who aren’t able to have any visitors at the moment because of the corona virus. We thought it would be a lovely idea for the children at Edgebury to write a letter or send them a picture and brighten their day. Can you help?


We have emailed lots of care homes and had replies from the ones listed here. They are happy to receive post for their residents and would love you to write a letter or a card or draw a picture and send it to them in the post. Most of the care homes have lots of residents so it might be a good idea to send more than one picture or letter in your envelope so that they can be shared out.


You could tell them about our school and what you like about it/what you have been learning. You could tell them what you have been doing since you have been at home, you could tell them a little bit about yourself  and ask them how they are doing. You could include a joke, a poem or a funny story to bring a smile to someone’s day.  


Remember don’t write your home address on the letter.

If you want to you can write the school address on it in case anyone would like to reply. Do include in your letter that you are from Edgebury and that you are writing to make someone smile during lockdown (even on a picture) so that they know where their letters and pictures are from. You can include your first name and Peridot Class.


You can share what you are going to send on the blog to inspire others. Let’s see if we can really help to make a difference and show that we care for others in our local communities.


So – be creative, get writing and drawing and make someone’s day!