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Class 3- Peridot


Morning everyone!, I hope you had a really lovely weekend with your families. I'm in school today to look after Key Worker children, but I may be able to say hello again later today.


Have a go at the activities that I'm putting up today. Remember to try and stick to your time table. It's really important that you keep practising your skills for when we eventually return to school.


Have  a great day and I'll catch up with you all later.#


Best wishes


Miss Lane and Mrs Power smiley


Good Morning Peridot Class 27.03.20

We made it to Friday of our first week Home Learning. I hope you have all had a good week and have enjoyed spending time with your families. (not too many arguments I hope)


Last night, all of my street came out to applaud the fantastic work that our doctors and nurses are doing. Did it happen in your street too? I think I could hear pretty much the whole of Bromley! It was also lovely to see all my neighbours even if it was just a wave from a distance.


It's important to stay in touch and come together. Why not make a rainbow for your window. I'm going to! It's like a wave even if you're not at the window. 

This weekend I'm going to go for a long walk locally, cook a cake and enjoy a good book. Gizmo who is also getting a lot more extra attention, which she loves!

Enjoy the weekend, stay in and stay safe.

Best wishes

Miss Lanesmiley

Hello everyone in Peridot Class. 26.03.20

Another sunny day and hopefully you're all enjoying your Home Learning.

Tomorrow I will put up further activities and learning for next week.

Please look at things on Opal's pages too. Everything is great for year 3 and we'll try to make things as fun as possible.


I hope you're taking some time to really enjoy reading a book. You could try turning part of your book into a play script and act it out either with your siblings to entertain your parents or use toys as puppets. Make it as funny as you can, we all need laughter and this is a great opportunity to entertain each other. 


This is my daughter Lizzie's dog Ernie. As you can see he was really tired out after a 4 hour walk around the parks of Swansea in Wales. He's usually jumping around but loves a cuddle. He can do loads of tricks, I'll try and put some video up on here. Our pets are a real comfort at this time and really help us to feel happy. If you have a pet at home see if you can teach them a trick or two. If you don't have a pet, I will try and share some of Ernie's days with you and pics of my guinea pig, Gizmo, who you have all met.


Best wishes.

Miss Lane smiley x

Avocado tree from seed 43 days time lapse

PARENTS: PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD EXTRACT THE AVOCADO SEED! Started approximately 2 months after the avocado was eaten and put it in water. If you try to grow a avocado at home, patience is key as it takes many weeks!

How To Grow A Bean Plant In A Jar? | Fun Kids Science Experiment

Here is a simple way to grow beans in a jar with kitchen paper towels.

How to grow cress heads

Have fun growing these yummy cress heads for Easter!


I hope you enjoyed your Joe Wicks workout this morning. Another beautiful day!

I've already been on a walk as I just couldn't resist the sunshine.There's some beautiful spring flowers about and I got to break in my new trainers (I've had them a month!)


We're having some super weather at the moment and I'm looking forward to the months to come as it gets warmer. If you have a garden, try to get outside, and if you can, plant some seeds or bulbs. If you don't have a garden, and your local supermarket sells them. Try growing some mustard and cress. You only need a damp piece of cotton wool/tissue and a small container. You'll be surprised how quickly it will grow and it is a tasty addition to any sandwich (except jam or Nutella, yuck!) Growing a bean is really interesting too (not a Baked Bean!). All you need is a plastic cup, some damp kitchen towel, a bean seed (any will do) and some water. You could also try growing an avocado seed ( I have never done this) but apparently you can. Experiment and have a go. Take some pictures of what happens, you'll need to be patient!


Have a great day everyone! STAY IN! STAY SAFE! KEEP LEARNING!

Best wishes

Miss Lanesmiley

Paper Mache

Paper maché is a technique where newspaper strips are dipped into a glue mixture and layered on top of an armature to create a basic sculpture.

Good Morning Everyone! 24.03.20

Today is my first full day at home. Yesterday, we had a small group of key worker children. We kept busy with Home Learning activities and stayed outside as much as possible as it was such a beautiful sunny day!


We also did Joe Wicks workout in the hall.

It starts at 9:00am live on You Tube and was really good fun, but quite tough! Have a go, rest, have a drink and you'll be up and ready to complete your home learning.


I'm going to add more messages on here later today and some helpful links as I promised.



Best wishes

Miss Lane smiley