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Class 2 Topaz

Welcome to Topaz class!

Our class is named after the gem stone Topaz, which can symbolize love, affection and friendship. 

Happy New Year Topaz, 

Not quite the start to 2021 that we were expecting. All home learning will be set daily on our teams page. If you are having difficulty accessing this, please get in touch via our Topaz email and I will try and help sort out any issues.

As last time, we will be setting daily Maths, English and Topic lessons however we do understand due to  parents working hours/some children needing support/shared access to computers that it may not be possible for children to complete everything everyday. We are required to provide lessons but do understand that you may not be able to complete everything set. Please do not worry about this. We would like to see that your child has logged in everyday and would suggest that they should try and complete as much as is possible for them on that day. Ideally Maths and English as a minimum. We appreciate that supporting home learning can be difficult and we appreciate all of your understanding.

 Please ensure that your child ‘hands in’ work using the ‘hand in’ function. Please do not use the ‘posts’ section to hand in work. This should be kept clear for messages between teachers and pupils. If work is ‘handed in’ on the posts tab it is public and the work and the feedback can be seen by everyone. Please only hand in work using the hand in function. This may be a screenshot of a completed activity or a picture of a written task.

Questions about learning can be asked via the posts tab or the class email address.

Once again we thank you for your continued support and hope to be together as soon as possible.

Mr Deighton



This term we are focusing on the 2,5 and 10 times tables. We are intending to do weekly tests and track these results; only moving a child onto the next level when they have score a suitable mark. Our first level is bronze 2x table, this test is on the times table in order (1x2;2x2;3x2 etc). Our silver level is mixed (7x2; 4x2; 9;2 etc) and our gold level is mixed division. Once they have completed their 2s we will move them onto their 10s and then 5s. The tests are timed at 10 mins each.

This link is really useful, just choose level 2 - multiplication or division, the timer then can be set either manually or 20,10 or 5 seconds to answer. The class are use to this site as we have used it for other activities and they really enjoy it.


Mr Deighton

Maths daily challenge grid