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Class 2 Topaz

Welcome to Topaz class!

Our class is named after the gem stone Topaz, which can symbolize love, affection and friendship. 

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Topaz Class. 


I spent a very busy day yesterday at school with Mrs Greenway moving into our new classrooms upstairs.  It's very exciting but exhausting moving all our things and then splitting them up over two classrooms.  We needed to put our feet up later in the afternoon. 


Don't forget to write your letter to Miss Lane and post it in the school letterbox.  I was very excited to receive my first letter yesterday from one of the children in Opal class who is joining me next year in Citrine.


Sonny made an enormous mug cake yesterday which looked absolutely delicious so I hope you all enjoy having a go at that activity this week. 



Please click on this link:  and look at the lesson in Summer Term - Week 12 -  Hours and Days. 


Enjoy your learning today.

Mrs Douglas

Monday 13th July

Good morning Topaz Class.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for your final week in Year 2!  We can't believe we've got here and Mrs Greenway, Mr Deighton and I are so sorry that we won't be able to send you up to the Juniors in our usual way.  However, you have the exciting prospect of becoming Peridot Class next year with Miss Lane who we know is really looking forward to getting to know you all better in September.


How did you all get on with Sports Day last week?  The weather wasn't brilliant on the day but perhaps you had a go at some of the sporting activities over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone who has already sent in photos and videos from last Thursday.  We loved seeing you rise to the challenge and there were some brilliant examples of ball skills, target throwing, running and endurance.  It's not too late to join in and if you have any photos you can send us we'd be delighted to see them.  Mr Cheeseman is putting together a very special edition of the Edgebury Echo this week and he'd love to be able to include lots of photos of children from Year 2. 


This week we want to finish off our maths learning so that you have covered everything you need to be prepared for your move up to the Juniors.


For English we've got some fun activities for you to try and one very important task that we would like everyone to complete by Thursday please.


We've also found some fun and entertaining puzzles and quizzes for you to try so enjoy your week and keep posting on the blog.


Here is this week's learning:


This week we complete our review of all our learning this year and finish up with some activities on telling the time and recognising 'duration' of time e.g. days, weeks, months etc.   

Please click on this link:

We want you to work on Summer - Week 12 (w/c 13th July). 

You should complete the lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 (Monday) - Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 2 (Tuesday) - Hours and days

Lesson 3 (Wednesday) - Durations of Time

Lesson 4 (Thursday) - Compare Durations of Time


Watch the videos first to recap and refresh your learning and then have a go at the activities we've put below.  I will also put the link to the BBC Bitesize lesson on the blog every day as there are videos and activities on there that link in exactly with what you are learning each day.


There is one very important task that we want you all to complete this week which is to write a letter to Miss Lane.  You need to introduce yourself, tell her a little bit about your family and where you live;  tell her about your hobbies and your favourite subjects at school and let her know what you are looking forward to about moving up to the Juniors in September.  Once you've written your letter in your very best handwriting we'd like you to deliver it to the school office before 3.30pm on Thursday so that Miss Lane can collect them on Friday to take home and read over the Summer holidays.

The rest of the activities are a range of fun things for you to try including writing riddles;  trying out some spells and joke telling which we hope you will all enjoy.



Please keep reading every day for at least 10 minutes. It's such an important and essential skill that I can't emphasise it enough.  One way to keep reading is to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge which you can find by clicking on this link:


All you need to do is get an parent/carer to help you create an account by clicking on the blue Join button at the top and following the instructions.  Your parent will also need to create an account with you and once this is done you will have access to a huge range of books, reading ideas and linked games to support your reading over the Summer Holidays.  You can earn digital stickers and awards as you read each book and there are loads of suggestions of good books to read for all age groups and reading abilities. 


You can also go along to Chislehurst Library and they will put together a 'grab bag' of up to 5 books for you to try.  This is a great way of trying something completely new as you are never quite sure what you will get in your 'grab bag'. 

Transition Activities
As you leave the Infants and move up into the Juniors it's a good time to reflect on what you have enjoyed this year and to think about what you are looking forward to next year.  I have put together a range of activities that you might like to try during the week.  You can do them in any order you like and we'd love it if you shared your work with us on the blog in the normal way.


Enjoy your final week and have lots of fun.

Mrs Douglas

Edgebury Virtual Sports Day Challenges

Edgebury Virtual Sports Day Challenges

Connected Curriculum Sports Week Activities

Blank Timetable to support Home Learning

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon 

Chapter 1 :

Chapter 2 pt 1:

Chapter 2 pt 2 :

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5 and 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11 part 1:

Chapter 11 part 2:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:



It is hard being stuck indoors isn’t it? We are all at home with our families but there are lots of elderly people that live in care homes or nursing homes who aren’t able to have any visitors at the moment because of the corona virus. We thought it would be a lovely idea for the children at Edgebury to write a letter or send them a picture and brighten their day. Can you help?


We have emailed lots of care homes and had replies from the ones listed here. They are happy to receive post for their residents and would love you to write a letter or a card or draw a picture and send it to them in the post. Most of the care homes have lots of residents so it might be a good idea to send more than one picture or letter in your envelope so that they can be shared out.


You could tell them about our school and what you like about it/what you have been learning. You could tell them what you have been doing since you have been at home, you could tell them a little bit about yourself  and ask them how they are doing. You could include a joke, a poem or a funny story to bring a smile to someone’s day.  What about including one of Mrs Greenway's riddles!


Remember don’t write your home address on the letter.

If you want to you can write the school address on it in case anyone would like to reply. Do include in  your letter that you are from Edgebury and that you are writing to make someone smile during lockdown (even on a picture) so that they know where their letters and pictures are from. You can include your first name and Topaz Class.


You can share what you are going to send on the blog to inspire others. Let’s see if we can really help to make a difference and show that we care for others in our local communities.


So – be creative, get writing and drawing and make someone’s day!