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Class 1 Sapphire

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning!

I hope that you are all well and that you had a great weekend with your families.

Exciting news - we have a new class blog! You can add pictures, comments or leave messages for our class. It is a great way for us all to stay in touch and see what everyone has been up to. Mrs Pester sent the link by ParentMail on Friday so if you haven't seen it yet then take a look. Don't forget that you can comment on your friend's posts and ask questions. Lets get a conversation going and say hello to each other!

Last week in Phonics we would have looked at different ways to make the 'ar' sound. Sometimes you can make the 'ar' sound with just an 'a' - like in grass or bath. Sometimes you can make the 'ar' soound with 'al' like in calm or almond.

Find out more here

I have added some sheets and activities that you can look at above this message. Try to do one activity from our English grid and one from the Maths each day. You can share some of your learning on our blog. I would love to see your writing, maths or art. Or maybe you have been baking or playing in the garden. Come to the blog page and tell us about it!

Have a great day. I will leave you with a joke...

Why do dragons sleep during the day?

So they can fight Knights!

Looking forward to seeing you on the blog page!

Miss Johnson and Mrs Grant





CORONA VIRUS - Home Learning Activities


We have added some useful documents to this page to enable children to access learning activities at home. We suggest that they try to complete one English, one Maths and one 'other' activity each day. The 'other' activity might be a fun phonics game on a website, a PE or dance activity or an activity from the Topic Grid.


We have provided a grid of activities for English, Maths and Topic plus a list of useful websites that have games and learning activities suitable for Year 1 pupils (see below)


We have tried to make these activities simple for children to access and similar to the type of work they are used to doing at school. We hope that this means that they will be able to have a go at completing them independently, or with a little support from an adult, as we know that lots of parents will be working from home and have their own tasks to complete! We would encourage children to read every day and to continue to practise the sounds that have been sent home in our Phonics Letters each week. 


We will continue to add and update resources over the coming weeks so that there is a wide range of activities for children to choose from. Where possible, we have tried to ensure that the suggested tasks reflect things that we have already covered and areas that are related to our most recent learning in class. This is so that children are familiar with the content and have already had teaching input in most of the areas. We know that not all of our pupils will have access to a computer all the time and so have set written and practical tasks with some websites and online activities to support them.


We hope that you will find these resources useful and that the children will enjoy completing them at home. Please check the website to see if anything new has been added. Wishing you all good health and we look forward to seeing you all back at school soon! smiley


Kind Regards

Miss Johnson and Mrs Grant




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