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Class 1 Sapphire

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good Morning Sapphire Class

I hope that you are all well and enjoyed the lovely weather we had yesterday.  I have seen some lovely posts on the blog this week already and am looking forward to seeing some more on there today. I hope that you can pop over on to the blog and say hello this week.

Don't forget to write your letter to Mr Deighton and Mrs Saunders and drop it in to the school letter box or pop it in the post so that you can introduce yourself and tell them about some of the things you enjoy doing.

I hope that you have enjoyed some of the learning that you have been doing at home during lockdown and have found our topics interesting even though we have been learning them in a different way. This week there are some different things for you to choose and I will be adding some fun new things each day that you might like to do!

I will leave you with a joke...

What is a witches favourite subject at school?


Have a wonderful day

Miss Johnson and Mrs Grant


Monday 13th July 2020

Good Morning Sapphire Class

How are you? I hope that you had a brilliant weekend and were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. smiley

I am moving house in a few weeks so we were starting to think about packing but I was able to get out in the garden and spend some time reading yesterday too, which was lovely! What did you do? Come and tell us on the blog. As always, you can contact me on the school email if you would like me to look at your work or if you have any questions and you don't want to use the blog. It is always fantastic to hear from you.


As you will know this is the last week in Year One! It has been quite an unusual year for all of us and we are very proud of everything that you have achieved. Mrs Grant and I are sorry that we won't be able to see you all before the end of term like we usually would but think that you have all done a fantastic job during lockdown. Whether you have been at home the whole time or been back into school over the last few weeks you should feel very proud of yourselves. WELL DONE!


It is almost time for the Summer Holidays and then in September we will all be able to return to school. Everyone at Edgebury is working hard preparing for the new term and we will be ready to welcome you back and keep you safe at school in September. I know that starting in a new class might feel a bit unsettling, but you will be starting your Year 2 adventure with all your friends in Sapphire Class and with the lovely Mr Deighton and Mrs Saunders. I will be popping in to see you in Topaz Class too to see how you are getting on! We will all be starting new things together and I am really looking forward to seeing you all after the holidays.


But before that, we have our final week of the Summer Term. This week we are going to do some activities where we look back over our time in Year One and think about what we are looking forward to in Year 2. You are going to write a letter to your new teacher to tell him all about yourself and today you will be able to watch a video from Mr Deighton too. If you want to share your work or any worries or questions you can always contact me via the blog or the class email address. There are also lots of maths to do with telling the time and some fun activities for you to do this week including songs and dances to learn if you want to. If there was something you wanted to do from a previous week but didn't get a chance you can also look back over the activies and choose one of them. 

Let's have an amazing week!


It would be brilliant to see as many of you as possible on the blog this week so do come and say hello to your friends and teachers! If you have any pictures of sports day then please do share those too - either on the blog or via the class email address and I can make sure that they all go into the Echo next week. 


I will be posting a message on here every day as usual and of course checking the class blog. 

As usual I will leave you with a joke...

Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

To reach the high notes!


Have a fantastic day! 

Miss Johnson and Mrs Grant


Story Time - Class Two at the Zoo by Julia Jarman

Friday 19th June 2020

Good Morning Sapphire Class,

How are you today? Good I hope. We have reached the end of another busy week and I hope that you have enjoyed the activities that you have been doing at home and at school.

This weekend it is Father's Day, so if you would like to make something I will put some links underneath this message. This is entirely optional of course!

Next week we have some fun, dinosaur themed learning linked to the book about Katie visiting the Natural History Museum. The link for the book (Katie and the Dinosaurs) is further down this page and there will also be a PDF version for you to read yourself, added to the files next week. 

I have really enjoyed seeing your posts on the blog this week and hope that a few more of you can join us tomorrow and next week to share all of your fantastic messages and learning. Well done to everyone who has been saying hello to their friends on the blog and sharing what they've been up to. You're doing a great job!

We are missing you all and are very proud of you.

As usual I will leave you with a joke...

What do you get if you cross a pig with a dinosaur..?

Jurassic Pork!

Have a marvellous weekend!

Miss Johnson and Mrs Grant


Father's Day Craft Ideas

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